The Porch - A new kind of dining experience in Urdaneta

You may already be wondering about this colorfully lit hut just less than a couple of kilometers from downtown Urdaneta. It is very bohemian with generous use of native materials and you'd be confused whether they really sell food like the sign outside says, or some kind of a fashion boutique like the other sign beside it says.

We went in to find out.

Sure enough, it is a restaurant owned and operated by a fashion designer/ wedding coordinator.

When inside, we wondered whether we were in some kind of a theme park museum of sorts.

The signages are all handwritten/handmade.

Same with the menu. Pretty creative.

The food may take a while so there is lots of time for you and your friends to bond and do quirky, crazy things while waiting.

It is worth the wait. The food is good while costing no more than Php. 150 per meal.

It is called The Porch, by the way, although we ALWAYS mistakenly call it "the Balcony". Just like call that coffee shop, Golden Fork (lol).

The Porch is open daily from 2pm to 12midnight. Make sure to call ahead in case the owner closes early for other engagements.09084639397/09306935603

*This is not a paid post. We really just had a good time there :)