It is on! Here are the candidates for Miss Urdaneta City 2016!

Here they are ladies and getlemen, the four lovely young women aspiring to wear the crown and be the Miss Urdaneta City for 2016!

As part of the yearly City fiesta, Miss Urdaneta City is a popularity contest supported by each of the four sectors and are as follows:

Government Sector
Ms. Trixi Anne F. Veridiano
18 years old
From Barangay Nancamaliran West
B.S. Tourism Management student at the WCC Aeronautical and Technological College

Public Education Sector
Ms. Racy Anne R. Raposas
16 years old
From Barangay San Vicente
Grade 11 student of the Pangasinan State University-Urdaneta Campus

Tertiary Education Sector
Ms. Toni Mari M. Ferrer
23 years old
From Barangay San Vicente
Instructor at Urdaneta City University.

Private Sector.
Ms. Joan O. Domagas
17 years old
From Barangay Dilan-Paurido
Grade 11 student at the University of Baguio

The proceeds of this year’s contest will go to the acquisitino of a dump truck for the city’s solid waste management program.

The 1st Canvassing was held last September 29 with the four candidates presented to the public.
The winner and new Miss Urdaneta City 2016 will be announced at the Last Canvassing on November 18

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Source: Official Urdaneta City FB