Figaro Opens in Urdaneta City

Figaro Opens in Urdaneta City

Just in case you haven't heard yet, Figaro, one of the more well known coffee shops in the country, with branches overseas, has opened it's doors in what should have been a well publicised launch but watered down by the most destructive typhoon of the year, typhoon Lando. 

Anyhow, the skies have cleared and with the brr-months bringing in a nice chill, a cup of coffee is a welcome treat. Figaro is a good addition to the growing number of coffee shops in the city proving that Urdaneta is on the good road to developing a solid coffee drinking market. 

Figaro is located at the ground floor of Addessa Galleria, 43 Alexander St., Urdaneta City.

One iced cafe latte please.

Images grabbed from Figaro Urdaneta FB Page