DepEd bought Pentium 4 PCs for PHP400,000 each

How ironic is this? DEPED, ginagawang tanga ang buong Pilipinas.
Php.400,000 is US$9300!
That is enough to fund TEN well equipped PC setups for a whole school, decent enough for elementary schools and high schools.
 The setup below can very well cost a little more than 50,000. Magtanong lang sa Gilmore.

And this costs Php 400,000??? Ang kakapal naman ng mukha. Umamin kayo, will you even spend Php. 8000 on this?

Sino ba naman ang hindi manggagalaiti sa galit?
Here the news which you have probably heard of:

a DepEd supplier charged Php400,000 for one computer package, which consists of:
Some educational software, 
Instructional materials, 
1-day technical support, 
and a desktop unit computer that’s powered by obsolete components
Intel Pentium IV,
128MB RAM,
40GB internal storage,
Nvidia GeForce 4 graphics,
and Windows 98 SE. 
Such a package should only cost around Php 15,000 or less today. 
And even if they were bought in the early 2000s, the Php400,000 price per package is still completely outrageous.
Other suppliers had also billed the government for books at Php200-300 each, when they should only be priced less than Php100 because of their cheap materials. Worse, these suppliers are apparently still in business with the government.
To put everything in one word: corruption. Two DepEd officials are allegedly in collaboration with these suppliers. They’re apparently receiving some kickbacks for buying overpriced equipment.


Anonymous said…
Bida na naman DEPEd!! Mission impossible itong nangyari :-)
Anonymous said…
Pwede mo ba pangalanan yun dalawang DEPEd officials na yan? Pati na rin ang supplier?