Liham ng Mamayan: Double Standard Traffic Enforcement?

Here's another letter we received from a concerned citizen:

Hi! We all took notice of the recent "strict" implementation of the law in wearing helmets for motorcycle drivers and riders here in our town the City of Urdaneta. Even the police and the traffic enforcers are now wearing helmets. I was apprehended at the start of their implementation for not wearing a helmet. One thing I noticed though is these guys from the Mayor's Office and riding a motorcycle with red plate SH**** are the one's violating the law being strictly implemented by our Mayor. They passed several yellow boys and they did not even apprehend them. Common guys, ano ito? May double standard ba kayo? Ipakita niyo naman sana na marunong din kayo sumunod sa batas. Actually nakakasabay ko itong motor na ito palagi sa pagpasok ang not even once na nakita ko na gumamit ng helmet ang g*** na ito. Ano ba siya sa city hall? Mas mataas pa siya kay Mayor Bobom? Can I ask you to post this on your wall or share it with our Mayor or our City Administrator will take notice and give a warning to the driver of  SH**** . I will wait for a positive result from you before I give the complete video to the media (ABS-CBN and GMA7 Northern Luzon). I just want to see these guys wearing a helmet when they ride their red plate motorcycle. Konting disiplina lang naman sana lalo na sa mga empleyado ng City Hall.

From: Cedric Tan

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