Pawnshop on Aruego Street, Urdaneta City, Ninakawan

 A pawnshop on Aruego Street in Poblacion, Urdaneta City lost an undetermined amount of cash and assorted sets of jewelry from unidentified robbers who barged Monday night into the pawnshop by digging a hole under it, passing through a drainage canal, police said.
The robbery at FMC pawnshop was discovered at about 8:00 a.m. on June 12 by Corazon Niato-Velasco, a pawnshop appraiser and security guard Rollin Doloqui Soriano who immediately called the Urdaneta police.

Velasco and Soriano told police they saw the pawnshop in total disarray when they opened it to report for work.
Initial investigation disclosed that suspects entered the pawnshop by passing through an adjacent drainage canal and gained entry into the establishment by digging a hole towards the cemented floor, using a big vehicle jack.
Once inside, the robbers emptied the vaults of assorted jewelries and cash of still undetermined amount.
The value of assorted jewelries and cash carted away by the suspects remains undetermined as inventory was still going on.
A follow-up investigation by the police disclosed that suspects escaped with the loot using the same hole they dug under the pawnshop as their point of exit.
It was learned, however, that no sign of force or trace of evidence was found at the vault.
This was not the first time that such kind of robbery incident happened in Urdaneta City and in other towns of Pangasinan, police said. (PNA)