Event: Battle of the Bands 2011

Flyover Disco bar and KTV
Battle of the Bands 2011
Grand Prize P 5,000 - Plus individual awards…
(1st Place-5k, 2nd Place-3k, 3rd Place-2k)
Please click "See More" and read the MECHANICS carefully...


1. Participating band must be amateur, it means no recording contract.
2. Bands whose regular performer in Flyover bar are not qualified to join.
3. Full band consist of the following: Guitarist, Bass guitarist, Vocalist, Keyboardist (optional), back-up singers (optional), and a Drummer.
4. Must use only the following instruments: Electric or Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Bass guitar, Drums and percussions. Bring your own instruments and gadgets (guitar effects etc.)
5. Do not use any instrument not mentioned above. i.e. using violin, saxophone and any other wind instruments are strictly prohibited.
6. Minimum of three (3) and Maximum of six (6) members of the band.
7. Participating band must pay P350 for registration on or before October 10, 2011.
8. Flyover accepts 25 participants only. Late participants are considered waiting list in case of the absence of other participating team.
9. Select the best two (2) known International, local or band songs, plus one (1) original song composition. (Must be in English or Filipino [Tagalog] language only).
10. Band Performance must set and done in maximum of 20 minutes only including the set-ups.
11. Judges’ decision is final or irrevocable.

1. Band performance / team work. 30%
2. Rhythm and Harmony 30&
3. Song selection 20&
4. Originality (song composition) 20%
5. Consumer/Audience votes Plus 0.25 points in your overall score in every one (1)
bucket purchased by the customer, and if it is listed to your band name in the counter. (4 buckets = 1 point) (ex.Judges Score-90points + Audience Votes-4buckets = Overall total of 91 points)

INDIVIDUAL JUDGING: (on October 15 only “Championship”)
1. Showmanship / stage presence 40%
2. Mastery of his/her piece. 40%
3. Rhythm and harmony 20%

October 17, 18, 19, 2011 - Elimination Nights (5 participating bands) First-register-first-participant basis.
Venue: Flyover bar, Free Entrance, No Table Charge
October **, 2011 - Grand Final of Selected best bands from Elimination night.
Venue: Flyover bar, P100 Entrance Fee with one (1) FREE Stallion, No Table Charge

Contact for more details: 09321055898


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