Urdaneta City overtakes Dagupan income-wise

DAGUPAN CITY, Aug. 24 (PNA) - The city of Dagupan was already overtaken by Urdaneta City in many ways, particularly with regard income.

This was admitted by Dagupan City Mayor Benjamin Lim himself as he congratulated his counterpart, Mayor Amadeo Perez IV who is only in his first year in office as city mayor of Urdaneta City.

Perez took over from his father, three-term Mayor Amadeo Perez Jr., now head of the Manila Economic Cooperation Office (MECO) in Taiwan, who also served as three-term congressman of the fifth district of Pangasinan.

"We tried to be number one in point of revenues but Urdaneta has alrteady overtaken us," Lim candidly admitted during the forum "Media in Action" of the Pangasinan Press Club.

Lim said that Urdaneta already earns P600 to P700 million annually, whereas Dagupan is only working to have P600 million a year. Both these cities are in second class category.

In point of area, Urdaneta is a lot bigger than Dagupan which is only 50 square kilometers in area.
But Lim is proud to say that to date Dagupan still has more businesses in its fold yet than Urdaneta although the latter is not far behind.

In terms of urbanization, Urdaneta City is apparently better because it has still wide expansion area to explore while Dagupan has a very limited area.
Urdaneta also owns the first engineered sanitary landfill all over Pangasinan while Dagupan is yet to build its own. (PNA) LAP/lvm/lvmicua/1645/rma