Massive Potholes Cause Traffic in Nancayasan

It's a yearly thing. Everytime the monsoon rains and typhoons come, the patch of road in front of the Water District becomes a carpet of moon craters large enough to swallow an entire motorcycle or immobilize an SUV if it isn't careful.

That is why motorists take extra care and slow down when reaching this section of Nancayasan. They try to safely navigate their way around the large and numerous potholes created by the rains. Problem is, it  creates unnecessary traffic that stretches a couple of kilometers during rush hour. This is a huge bother and more time wasted to those who drive or commute along this road.

Signs have already been put up on both sides saying that this part of the road is under rehabilitation. We are confident that the dynamic Urdaneta City government will have this resolved immediately, and possibly, apply a permanent solution.