May 2 2011 - Holiday or Not?

The previous administration had this policy of moving holidays to another date close to a weekend so that workers could "spend more days with their families" and "to strengthen the Philippine economy by promoting domestic travel and tourism". Since Labor Day 2011 falls on a Sunday, many are wondering whether the holiday is going to be moved on Monday, May 2, 2o11.

The answer would be, "No". The so called "holiday economics" had been junked by PNoy through the Proclamation No. 84 which mandates that "all holidays be observed on the day they actually fall instead of being moved to the nearest Monday for longer weekends as was the practice under the Arroyo administration."

On an ABS-CBN report, MalacaƱang spokesman Edwin Lacierda also said May 1, which falls on a Sunday, is the regular holiday for Labor Day - not May 2.