‘I’ll do my best’ – Tax boss says

URDANETA CITY – The new chief of the Revenue District Office-6 based in this city is optimistic that she could attain the tax target to be given to her by the government this year.
CPA-Lawyer Beverly Milo said she will do her best as much as possible to reach the goal.
“Iyon talaga ang ating mina-manifest sa ating BIR. Ito ang goal we have to collect this whether you like it or not. We need to exert all necessary effort, kaya nga kanina nag-meeting kami with revenue officers.
We are trying to see ang mga sources na puede naming i-tap to maximize collection because last year, October pa lang our goal for 2010 was already collected,” she stressed.
BIR observers opined that any tax goal that will be given to Milo would be a tall order because of the favourable circumstances that ensued in the tax office last year.
Milo’s predecessor Merlyn Vicente has estimated last year the tax office could even breach P700 million mark that was beyond the P695,670,000 tax goal given by the government.
In case that happened, they said, tax goal for this year would be more than the P700 million collected.
RD0-6 got a windfall when it stumbled into a delinquent big- time corporation that has not been paying taxes for several years, and was blessed by a multi-million of pesos withholding taxes from contractors who made the dikes in Rosales town that were destroyed by Typoon Pepeng more than a year ago.
“The flood control project was a manna from heaven,” she said.
Aside from the dikes, RDO-6 last year reaped taxes from the construction boom of the hundreds of millions of pesos worth Tarlac-Pangansinan Express Way, and the Chinese funded re-regulating pond in San Manuel town.
In the past interview with this paper, RDO-6 Assistant Revenue District Officer Bernadette Mangaoang said that an average of P5 million a month or P60 million a year of franchise tax has been paid by the Pangasinan Electric Cooperative.
But after then president Gloria Arroyo signed into law the tax exemption of power transmission, RDO-6 was deprived of that amount from Panelco.
RDO-6 oversees 15 towns and a city that are located mostly in Eastern Pangasinan.
Atty. Milo replaced Merlyn Vicente who was assigned in Zamboangga City. Milo used to head the assessment section of the BIR’s regional office in Calasiao town.

Source: Northernwatchonline.com