New Pantranco is going to rise again

Soon PANTRANCO will roll on our streets again towards a new HORIZON with a renew vigor and
vision to help in developing and stabilizing our economy. Making our country an admirable,
peaceful and safer place to live in.

Let us all join hands to make this project a success for the welfare of all Filipinos.

Clean air . . . Safer world . . .

 Recently, Mr. Co has put up a company called HEROES at Home Employment Agency. An agency that would assist in creating jobs (employment) for our people. An arrangement is being made, coordinate and discuss with the Armed Forces of the Philippines to support their “Transitional Assistance” program. This will create jobs for the retirees, dependents and family, as a priority to support the PANTRANCO operation and it's subsidiary companies.

This is “Where it begins” . . .

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