DWCU Elementary Pupils Heading for Regional English Olympics

 The pupils of Divine Word College of Urdaneta led by Redentor Immanuel B. Ridao, a grade 6 pupil, won gold medals in the Division English Olympics that was held in Urdaneta I Central School last September 30, 2010.
This event, with the theme, “Breaking Barriers through English”, was participated by different schools from both private and public.

In the said event, pupils from grades 1 to 6 participated in different contests. Poem Recitation for grades 1 and 2, Spelling Bee for grade 3, Declamation for grade 4, Read-a-thon for grade 5, which was divided into 3 categories (Team Reading, Storytelling, and Oral Interpretation), and Essay Writing for grade 6 pupils.

Aside from Ridao winning the Essay Writing contest, three pupils from grade 5, namely, Angel Leila Marron, Angela Lorica, and Jennifer Louisse De Leon, won gold medals for the Team Reading contest. While for the Poem Recitation contest, Shaina Mae Cuison did also win the gold medal. Other pupils who also took awards from their respective competitions include Janssen Roselle Obusan (Storytelling, 2nd place) and Carole Kaye Lomboy (Oral Interpretation, 5th place).

Other participants from DWCU who participated in the different competitions of the event include Mitch Aluning from grade 2, Aio Venella Gonzales of grade 3, and Annicka Lesley Marron from grade 4.
The aforementioned pupils who won in their respective contests will represent the Urdaneta City Division in the Regional English Olympics that will be held in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte on October 14-15, 2010.