Baguio eyeing to dump garbage in Urdaneta City

October 6, 2010 10:23 am 

URDANETA CITY, Oct. 6 — Not only Dagupan is interested to pay for the right to use the about-to-be completed engineered sanitary landfill of Urdaneta City.

A report said that Baguio is also keen on paying the Urdaneta City government so it will open its sanitary landfill for its wastes.

Baguio City officials already sounded off their interest to tap the engineered sanitary landfill when they visited the facility in Barangay Catablan, Urdaneta City recently.

The city of Baguio is currently dumping its garbage at the engineered landfill in Capas, Tarlac for which it is being charged at an exorbitant rate.
Aside from this, Capas is too far away from Baguio, thus the city government there is spending much for fuel of its truck.

Baguio City officials said their government will save a lot if they bring their garbage to Urdaneta, which is nearer to them than Capas.
Urdaneta City officials led by Vice Mayor Onofre Gorospe admitted that not only Baguio and Dagupan expressed their desires to use their engineered sanitary landfill but also adjacent towns of Pangasinan which have no area for the facility.

He said all these would be charged fees to be computed at fixed rates, the amount to be raised will be used by the city in paying for the amortization of its loan that it used in building the engineered sanitary landfill.

When it is finally operational sometime this year, Urdaneta City would be the only local government unit in Pangasinan to have satisfactorily complied with Republic Act 9003, or the Solid Waste Management Act.

RA 9003 mandates all LGUs to build their respective sanitary landfills and do away with their existing open dumpsites. (PNA)