Simpleng Sagot sa Simpleng Tanong...Or is it?

Rather than being appreciative of the 5th place victory of Ms. Maria Venus Raj in the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010 pageant, a lot of people have seethed, kicked and screamed their frustration and fixation over her controversial "MAJOR, MAJOR" response to the question:  "What is one big mistake that you made in your life, and what did you do to make it right?"

Smiling and not seemingly stunned by the question, Raj answered, "You know what, Sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there's nothing major, major problem that I've done in my life because I'm very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I'm here. Thank you, thank you so much!" she said.

Pero andaming reklamo!

Some netizens tweeted “a major major mistake! LOL. haay naku..” and “Ohmygosh venus raj, what were you thinking?”

The entire Filipino Facebook, Twitter and social networking communities had nothing else to talk about (with the exception of the hostage taking fiasco the day before.) Others even had to create fan pages. Then this statement hit my nerves: Simpleng Sagot lang sa Simpleng Tanong hindi pa magawa.

Ganun? In that case ganito na lang: 

Kung talagang simple ang tanong na yan at madali lang, pakisagot din nga. Maganda kung mai-post na agad within the hour ang mga sagot. Tignan natin kung papasa kahit na pang Miss or Mister Poblacion lang.

Here you go:

"What is one big mistake that you made in your life, and what did you do to make it right?"

Wait namin mga answers nyo.

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