Notable FB Posts about the Hostage Taking

Notable FB Posts about the Hostage Taking

A. Reodique haaaay... i hope we all realize now na kulang pa ang skills ng pnp. someone needs to step up and accept this so we can moove forward.

E. Diesta Jr PNP - Poor NP. Wala man lang equipments para alisin ung pinto ng bus, naghagis ng teargas kaso wala naman gas mask. Yan ba yung malaking tax na binabayad natin?

S. Balmeo This incident would be a very strong blow to the Aquino Administration. I bet someone with a huge mole is rolling on the floor, laughing her ass off.
Fan Page: SWAT: Sugod. Wait. Atras. Tago.
D. Sison Bottom line, negotiations FAILED. And that's why it ended up badly, tourists dead. Hostage taker dead. Dead men can't talk.
J. Parayno bat puro BUS.. una BUS nahulog sa bangin sa benguet, 2nd BUS ang pumatay sa isang beauty queen 3rd hostage taking naman sa isang BUS...HINDI NA TALAGA AKO SASAKAY NG BUS!!!
S. Ranada kanina pa sila dapat nagtawag ng Carnapper para kanina pa nabuksan yung pinto ng bus.kung wala man silang makita nagtwag na lang sila ng construction woker na taga maso.
G. Echavarre if venus raj won't win tomorrow in ms.u, she might hostage donald trump. and the rest of the candidates.
J. Lapena Amen... I agree. And I believed gradually our country will be healed. We cannot please everybody. But we need to show other nationalities that not all Filipino's is like mendoza. We can restore our reputation with the right Character in our job place to other country

A. De Jesus para silang ewan amf.... walang strategy... di lack of strategy as in amf ..... THE SHAME =(........ yung pinaka important factor sa isang rescue operation sa isang hostage crisis wala eh yun element of SURPRISE...... dito ko lang nakita na nag fa flash bang sila na di coordinated sa pagsugod,, bato lang ng bato ampota.... basta parang ewan waaaah..

N.  Sanchez it was a lousy approach by the police force, they shd have been more decisive & calculated, shotgun & sidearms are more appropriate in this situation & NOT M16 as brazenly displayed by the operatives... good thing no exchange of gunfires or else more casualties from "usis" and damages from the perimeter because of the effective range of M16 is more than enough to cripple them, no baracades as well for crowd control... tsk tsk tsk in a blink of an eye were in center of distaction around the globe...