Dagupan eyes Urdaneta City's help in solving its garbage woes

Dagupan eyes Urdaneta City's help in solving its garbage woes

By Leonardo V. Micua

DAGUPAN CITY, Aug. 6 (PNA)-- The city of Dagupan may avail of the sanitary landfill of Urdaneta City as a possible option to solve its worsening garbage problem once the latter opens its facility to other towns and cities of Pangasinan.

Mayor Benjamin Lim, in a talk to newsmen, said this will be done if and when the present open dumpsite of Dagupan in Bonuan, near the seashore, can no longer accommodate additional garbage.

But first, he said, Dagupan ought to know the fix rate Urdaneta will charge from neighboring Local Government Units for every ton of garbage that they will dispose at its sanitary landfill in Barangay Catablan, Urdaneta City.

The 10-hectare sanitary landfill, being built at a cost of P193 million, is expected to be operational sometime in October this year. It will be the only sanitary landfill of its kind in Pangasinan.

Dagupan attempted in 2002 to build its own sanitary landfill on a 30-hectare land it bought in San Jacinto town but sadly it lost the land when it was taken over later by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), being tenanted.

Lim earlier met barangay chairmen where he ordered them to strictly enforce segregation of waste at source, repeating the same order he issued that, he said, worked well during his previous administration.

He said through segregation, his previous administration succeeded in reducing the waste being brought to the dumpsite at only 40 percent.

The 40 percent wastes were being recycled and composted to serve as fertilizer for garden plants.

But Lim noted some back sliding for the last three years that he was absent during the next administration of then Mayor Alipio Fernandez, Jr., so the momentum of segregation was discontinued.

"I've already given instruction to the WMD (Waste Management Division) and barangay officials to strictly enforce segregation, otherwise we will not collect the garbage," Lim said.

He noted that so far (for the past 35 days) they are 70 percent successful in enforcing this order.

Lim reiterated anew that segregation must be enforced strictly because the waste at the existing dumpsite in Bonuan is now up to the neck level.

He said that being rainy season, trucks delivering garbage unload their cargo at the gate of the dumpsite, inviting protests from people living in the nearby Muslim area who said this practically brought the garbage at their door step.

"It is these people who are barricading our trucks from dumping garbage at the dumpsite," he added.

The problem arose, he said, because the bulldozer bought by the past administration for P7 million conked out after being used for just three weeks, thus the garbage cannot be pushed eastward.

Lim also said that of the more than 40 garbage bins bought by his previous city administration, only from 15 to 16 have been left as the rest were already dilapidated.

Of the two truck heads or hook lifts that were also made available, only one is still functioning.

He said the past city administration bought two truck heads or hook lifts but when they were delivered by the supplier, these did not match the garbage bins that they are supposed to pull. (PNA)