19 (budol-budol) Con Artists Arrested in Urdaneta

URDANETA CITY– Nineteen members of the notorious “Budol-budol” and “Salisi” 
gangs were arrested by the police here August 15 with the help of two of the gangs’ victims.
All the suspects, believed to be notorious con artists operating in Regions 1, 2 and 3, were nabbed at their hideout in rented rooms at a local inn.

Five of the suspects victimized two shoppers in one of the supermarkets here through their modus operandi of befriending, offering a bargain deal for jewelry, then hypnotizing their prey.
Under hypnosis, the two victims willingly handed their respective wallets and jewelry to the suspects, after which the suspects immediately hailed a tricycle to get away.

But before the tricycle managed to speed away, the victims, Marvin de la Cruz and 
Rudy Martin, regained their senses and decided to follow the suspects on board another tricycle.
When they saw the suspects’ tricycle enter the inn, they called the Urdaneta Police Station, which in turn called for help from the Provincial Public Safety Mobile Company in Tayug and the Police Provincial Office.

Arrested were Imelda Flores Sinco, 42; Teresita Francisco-Sinco, 57; Priscilla Sumait-Sinco, 56;Lolita Agustin-Espenilla, 59; Corazon Tumbaga-Sinco, 48; Jenry Mercado-Salanio, 42; Rosemary Agustin-Sajor, 34; Clarissa Espenilla-Noveja, 32; Nancy Delmonte, Corazon Devejos-Minay, 52; Irene Anuay-Tabay, 33; Stella Flores Tabay, 23; Marilyn Tabay-Sinco, 23; Darwin Doque-Sinco, 27; Elizabeth Abenojar Flores, 45;  Marivic Ramos-Sinco, 35; Julieta Abellera-Noces, 53; Spouses Ronaldo  Bondoc, 41 and Marilyn Toralba-Bondoc, 41 and Ryan Bondoc, 29.

The suspects are from Cabugao and Sta. Catalina in Ilocos Sur; and Minalin, Pampanga.
A case of syndicated estafa has been filed by the police against the suspects.
The police called on other victims of the gangs in Urdaneta and other parts of Pangasinan to come out and also file charges against the suspects.—LM

From Sunday Punch