Rai Rai Ken opens in Urdaneta. Red Ribbon Returns.

Finally, a Japanese Restaurant

We have known all along, that Rai Rai Ken was coming to Urdaneta City and we were excited. This author is a sucker for anything wrapped in seaweed paper (laver) and wasabi. The earlier years were spent trying out Japanese restaurants around Metro Manila and even abroad. When this author came back home to Urdaneta, the closest place with a Japanese restaurant was Baguio. We still remember how excited we were when Tepan Grill began offering simple maki at the Magic Mall food court. When SM Rosales opened with Tokyo Tokyo, we were there first (^^) and when Rai Rai Ken followed, we were instant fans. The movie Ramen Girl starred in by the late Brittany Murphy (Have you seen that movie?) was better appreciated because Rai Rai Ken was within reach. So, now that it is just a stone throw away, within the pretty yellow walls of CB Mall, freshly opened yesterday, we will be there just as quickly. We are big fans of the Ramen, the Gyudon (mmmm....) and more.

Now we don't know if it is the same franchiser as that in SM Rosales, but we will be comparing - not only the quality of the food but the quality of service. In this day and age, we have grown accustomed to polite and accommodating service especially to those who serve food and we have BIG EXPECTATIONS for that.  

Red Ribbon Returns - Bigger and Better

Not just a handful were disappointed when first, Red Ribbon decided to move its cake counter from Magic Mall to CB Mall and eventually to SM. Yes, we love that Goldilocks is here and that Jelexie and other bakers are making the competition interesting, but we also love having more options. And we were happy with the news of Red Ribbon's home coming. At first we thought that Red Ribbon was just going to establish a bigger and more prominent counter (one where the lone and rather irritable attendant does not stray off to chat with young Super 8 boys hee hee). But, what we saw yesterday was a sight indeed - tables and chairs! A full restaurant! Does this mean that they will also serve their Salisbury steak? That remains to be confirmed as we did not stay long in CB Mall. 

Anyways, to both restaurants, welcome to Urdaneta City. We will be dropping by sooner than you think. 

Urdanetan's, watch out for our reviews!