Consensus-building Will Be a Bedrock of My Administration - Bobom Perez

Urdaneta City Mayor Amadeo Gregorio “Bobom” E. Perez IV took his oath last 28 June 2010 in the presence of Rep.Kimi Cojuangco and her husband, former Rep. Mark Coqjuangco, his father former Mayor Amadito Perez, members of the city council led by Vice Mayor Onofre Gorospe and barangay officials.
The son of, the new mayor likened himself to newly elected President Benigno Aquino III when he said “I carry the burden of a good name and the challenge of continuing a legacy. Indeed, following in the footsteps of my father could faze anyone.”
To earn his own niche in the city’s governance, he said he plans to hold office in the barangays at least once a month “to bring City Government services to where they are urgently needed” and added that “consensus-building will be a bedrock of my administration.”
He declared that education will be the priority of his administration and vowed to construct more classrooms and school facilities and provide funds for more training of public school teachers.
He also pledged to develop programs for senior citizens even as he acknowledged their past contributions to the city.
The young mayor told his constituents of plans the city government will resort to belt-tightening measures owing to uncertainty of the amount of Internal Revenue Allotment due the city after more towns have been converted into cities.

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Anonymous said…
Since I was young, I remember the first time, the new Mayor's father went into politics, and I can't even imagine now how long he was in office, first, as Mayor then Congressman and back as Mayor. This is a hard act to follow. And
I wish this new Mayor all the luck to all his dreams for our city and hope his visions for its progress will come to fruition. His idea of holding his office in Barangays is a first, however, something MUST be achieved in doing so, and not just another political gimmick. Goodluck!