Local Campaign Officially Starts Today

This is the day that many local election candidates have been waiting for - to officially and legally let the entire city know that they are running for public office. Compared to other towns and provinces, there weren't that many violations to the parameters set forth by COMELEC.

In other towns, you could see subtle and and not so subtle indications of candidates already campaigning. "Garapalan na yung iba." A resident pointed out huge tarpaulin posters occupying every available space on a building along the road - until they were torn down by COMELEC staff.

In Urdaneta, the roadsides were pretty much clean and free of campaign posters except of those running for national office. It is good to know that local candidates have been showing restraint and discpline in this area - for fear of disqualification. Nonetheless, one can see printing shops such as the one in CB Mall have been churning out miles and miles of tarps, surely to make their debut today. Expect the streets to be more colorful as the contenders for the public seat scramble to get the best available space to get voters attention.

To kick off the local season, these political aspirants will be going around the city on a motorcade.
Let's just hope that the traffic won't be that bad.