‘168’ bargain stores in Urdaneta

URDANETA CITY–Where Dagupan City has so far failed to get more lessees to occupy the empty areas in its Malimgas Market, the city government of Urdaneta succeeded in getting the vacant spaces of its new market leased in no time.

Ready to compete with established malls in the city, Urdaneta 168 Corporation, the owners of the popular 168 Mall in Binondo, Manila, came forward to seal a deal with the city that would further establish the city as the major trading center in eastern Pangasinan.

The group led by a Mr. Willy Chua signed the contract for a 20-year lease over a 3,000 sq. meter area, the whole second floor of Building A of the new market.

According to Ronaldo San Juan, city administrator, the area is now being prepared for it’s opening next month.

The group has also been given the first option to lease the second floor of Building B as well.

The entry of the group is expected to draw in the customers that would patronize its wet market that today continues to suffer from weak patronage.

The entry of ‘168’ falls squarely within the marketing strategy of the city government to ensure viability of the newly renovated market.