Rosales After the Deluge - 3

These are the images of the aftermath of the flooding in Rosales, Pangasinan when all six gates of the nearby San Roque Dam were opened, releasing more than 3000 cubic meters of water per second.

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People start taking pictures of this badly damaged house near the banks of Agno river in Carmen, Rosales.

Homeless victims anxiously wait for relief goods.

A relief truck from Tarlac arrives.

Homeless and hungry, people excitedly swarm around a PNP relief truck.

How did a 5-gallon water container get up there?



This car did not have time to escape the high and rapid waters.

A couple of ABS-CBN trucks on standby.

Heavy traffic caused by huge 18-wheeler trucks that have stalled due to the floods.

Onlookers flock around Ces Drilon of ABS-CBN

The usually brightly lit and festive entrance to SM Rosales reduced to ghostly shadows.

GMA's Balitang Amianan doing a live feed