Images of a Flooded Urdaneta City

10/09/09 - Here are some images of a flooded Urdaneta City the morning after San Rpque opened all its six gates releasing more than 3000 cubic meters per second. Click on the images for a larger view.
This is where PLDT and SMART hold their offices.

Deltacom tent

Homes along the Macalong River across from RUSI (formerly Biala's)

Mother Goose in Bayaoas

Mother Goose in Bayaoas

These motorcycle drivers warm up with C0bra!

Entrance to Lis Rainforest Resort

Families along the Macalong displaced to the streets.

Nowhere else to go.

PC Clinic and other shops neck-deep in water

Which way to Mitura?

The waters of Mitura frpm behind this house have pushed the gate outward

Dona Pepang

In front of Lyceum Northern Luzon

In front of Cocolandia