Shakey's Pizza is back in Urdaneta

For those who remember, Shakey’s Pizza was one of the first fast food chains to venture in the then sleepy town, soon-to-be new City of Urdaneta. It used to be a small corner near the entrance of the CSI twin cinemas which is now the SP North Mall. It suddenly disappears, only to resurface years later just across the street at CB Mall, also near the entrance, brightly lit and very visible from the Main Road. It recently opened in the beginning of August as an addition to CB Mall’s growing number of tenants.

For those who have missed the ever famous Bunch of Lunch as well as the equally popular Mojo Potatoes, you don’t need to venture to other cities like Dagupan or Baguio to have a taste of your savory favorites. Shakey's Pizza is just right at you doorstep. Libre naman dyan! Pwede kaya delivery?