Unitop Department Store Opens at CB Mall

Yesterday we checked out the newly opened Unitop Department Store at the second floor of the CB Mall and we like waht we saw... no we loved it! It is not your typical big name department store with big name products.


Here, you can immediately feel that you can afford the things being sold here. And covering half of the second floor fo the entire mall, that's a lot of stuff!

Now, what department store doesn't sell clothes?

Walls and walls of electronics.

There is even hardware. Will be needing painting tools soon. I know now where to go.

Kitchen ware and plastics in huge stacks

These wall clock sell for only 60.oo pesos and up. We took home two.

There were also helmets and other biker accessories.

It was fun going up and down the isles of the Unitop Department Store and finding wall hangers for 9.00 pesos and wooden massagers for 12.oo pesos. 

We will definitely be back, planning on how many items we can buy with 2,000 pesos.
And we will let you know.

Stay posted!