SM City Rosales Wing Opens

After enduring on hell of a traffic jam that started from the boundary between Urdaneta and Villasis, we finally arrived at SM CityRosales. We have been anticipating the opening of the new wing that houses the four-theater movie complex. And we like what we saw.

Sure we have been to bigger malls before but this is closer to home and the smell of big and new opportunities hung in the air. The entire building was full of energy and excitement and we have to say "Congrats Rosales!" 

The Welcome sign is made entirely of Calsiao puto. Galing!

Andaming tao! It looks like the entire Eastern Pangasinan came to check
SM City Rosales out.

A Bonsai Exhibit at the City. This is good exposure to arts and other new things for people in the area.

Manong: "Ayan nyon? Asidegen nga agawid ni Kim Chiu"

We have been looking forward to this. More movie alternatives. I don't mind the extra drive if only to have a change of environment once in a while.

The centralized ticket booth with all its flashing lights and flat screens.

Bagong tambayan? Sosyal naman!