Urdaneta City Traffic Advisory for the Holy Week

Traffic chaos are here again.

Here is what our camera captured in a span of less than 60 seconds. Pics taken at around 2: 45 am

These shots were taken in front of Home Ideas in Nancayasan. Three northbound lanes are already at a standstill as they try to squeeze into a single lane in front of Club Fairway where the road construction is in full swing. One lane is open for southbound vehicles.

Suddenly, seeing that we were just approaching on a motorcycle, an impatient driver on a minivan / APV does a counterflow. Other cars and vehicles follow suit.

Even big busses squeeze into the now, fourth northbound lane, barely missing our motorcycleby a few inches. The driver blows his horn in irritation. We look behind us and there is no more southbound lane.

Naturally, the fourth lane also goes to a standstill. More cars arrive from the south. It is going to be a loooooooooooong night.

How to avoid this traffic mayhem: Take Alternative Routes.

For Dagupan bound private vehicles 

- Take the left fork of the junction at the Siesta, Victory Liner stop in Tarlac City.
- Turn left before the Carmen bridge in Carmen, Rosales. This will take you to Alacala, a few more towns and then Dagupan.

For Baguio, La-Union and Ilocos bound private vehicles

- Take the alternative route Magilas Trail from Rosales and exit at Binalonan. Turn right before thr bridge. 
- Take the Camanang "shorcut" and re-emerge in San Vicente.

photo credits: rosalescity.com