Gloomy Urdaneta City

Today Urdaneta city wakes up blanketed in low hanging clouds with occasional drizzles. The air is actually very humid and sticky. Not very welcome as many of us have been used to chilly mornings and evenings. It seems like the long hot and sweaty summer is off to an early start. Although, the snow in China, Siberia and other "winter" countries is yet to melt - bringing in another fresh dose of cool winds.

This foggy, drizzly, humid air coupled with dust and smoke coming from the vehicles - tricycles, trucks, buses, jeepneys and other vehicles will actually create ugly and dangerous fumes. No thanks to the road construction that slows down all these vehicles that stay several minutes longer than they should. Within that time, more smoke is released into Urdaneta air, especially around the public market area. Whew! I don't want to be around that area at all!

In fairness, though, the road construction has significantly become speedier. The progression of the dug up earth turning into passable concrete slabs are hard to miss, especially the part between Jollibee Nancayasan and the Public Market. That damned creek tunnel beside 7-11is also almost complete thus it is significantly wider and allows more vehicles through. Those days when only lane was passble are gone and should never happen again.

Ok Urdaneta, happy Monday!
Back to work. Let's make this week a productive one.
By the way, NCO is again holding a job fair at the GlobalSkills Institute in San Vicente Urdaneta City this Thursday and Friday - Feb 19 and 20.
New at this? Go and try your luck.
Rejected before? Try again.
In these hard times, the call center industry is the one that is sure to remain strong.