ICT Call Center to hold a job fair in Urdaneta

The news of lay-offs in different companies in the Philppines are hard to ignore. 
It makes one think about what the future holds for everyone especially when it comes to properly providing for the family or even just for oneself. 
Fortunately, amidst this global financial turmoil, one industry seems to remain sturdy as hiring is still going on for many companies. As a matter of fact, the ICT group, another leading call center is exploring the potential of the citizens of Urdaneta and the surrounding towns to become excellent call center employees.  

Here is the Philippine profile in the ICT website:

The Philippines continues to prove itself as a preferred choice for the delivery of quality, cost-effective support services for businesses around the world, based on their American-style English and familiarity with Western culture.

ICT Group opened our first Philippines operations center in 2003 in Makati City, Manila. ICT Philippines now operates multiple centers in the metro Manila area.

The available workforce in this region is highly skilled and well educated as well as familiar with the American/Westernized culture and English language. Clients can achieve significant cost savings and improved operating efficiencies by outsourcing their customer management and back-office BPO support services to the Philippines, which boasts a secure, reliable telecommunications infrastructure and broad global connectivity platform.

The ICT will conduct a dry run on February 5 and 6 in GlobalSkills Institute located at the 3rd Floor of the Donal Building in San Vicente West Urdaneta City, fronting Lyceum Northern Luzon.

Call 075-6562339 for more details.