The Global Finanacial Crisis - Are you affected?

They say this will be the year that we will get to feel the effects of the global crisis. While the events that caused it started in 2008, the ripple effects will reach Philippine shores this year.

How? It could be in many ways. We may feel it through the foreign exchange rate. Our purchasing power may not be as strong as before. We will have to tightened our belts further to make ends meet. For some, it may even be direct hit – the dreaded layoffs that economists are expecting this year.

How are we to survive this? How are we to recession-proof ourselves?

There are many ways to do that. In the coming weeks, we will  be adding a segment here that will discuss ways to lessen the impact of the global crisis – from keeping you job, to starting a business, to even ways of saving precious cents and pesos.

Yes, times are really changing. But it is up to you, whether you choose to just watch the world go by or do something about it and protect yourself from a bad blow. You can be the victim or the winner.

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