Who Wants to be a Call Center Agent? Part 2

NCO, one of the country’s largest call centers will again be holding a job fair in Urdaneta on January 5 and 6. NCO is ramping up its hiring of call center agents for its Baguio expansion this year.  However during the past few job fairs held at KFC last year, the hiring rate has been disappointing, at one time 0% out of 75 applicants – mostly because of the English Proficiency level that is less than satisfactory.  At other times, many applicants venture to the job fair because of the promise of high pay but have no idea what a call center or call center agent is.

There is a promise of high pay, excellent benefits and attractive perks – to the QUALIFIED. We have already discussed some tips on how to make it through the intense interviews and we present them here again. (View previous post here)

The Look –let’s face it. Unless you have the talk, call centers will not hire someone who has low self esteem due to his or her looks. They want fresh, bright and appealing faces that ooze with confidence. The truth is, confident people are low maintenance. No need to spend a lot on counseling and coaching just to give a boost on confidence.

The Walk – This is the lifestyle. The genuine interest in English. While a crash course is helpful, people who have a general liking to the English language will absorb more and will learn more. Call centers are not looking for perfect English speakers. They are looking for people that they can train in the shortest time possible and deploy to the operations department.

The Talk – If you have this, a natural and fluid manner of speaking English with minimal grammatical errors, it will be much easier for you to get hired.

Where to get help

Silvertrainer.co.nr – get a complete free online lesson on the essential elements of call center agent operations as well as refresh yourself on grammar and pronunciation. Visit the website here

GlobalSkills Institute – GSI located in San Vicente Urdaneta City offers a 100-hour call center finishing course that includes an intensive grammar and accent training module. Lessons also include computer literacy, resume building, interview tips and confidence buildup. At only Php. 2500 for the entire course, GSI offers the most affordable call center courses in Northern Luzon. Get more details here>

Movies and TV – If you are not from any of the native English speaking countries, your best resource of perfect English with the accent are movies and TV shows. You may even get hooked because of the storyline and before you know it, you are familiarize with common English expressions and pronunciation.

Reading – Reading offers an endless array of learning opportunities. If you can learn words like Orc, Slytherin and Dumbledore, you can certainly learn vocabulary with real substance.

Good Luck to those applying at NCO on Monday. For those who think they need an extra push, Let us know.

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