BYOB - Bring your own bag when shopping in Urdaneta City

URDANETA CITY—After opening the first engineered sanitary landfill in the province, this city is bent on further improving waste management by implementing a “Bring Your Own Bag” (BYOB) program to minimize, if not eliminate, the use of plastic bags.
The city council has passed an ordinance on the program, which is now under review by the provincial board.

The ordinance, jointly authored by Councilors Mark Joseph Andrada, Blesildo Sumera and Jennylin Sison, states that “plastic bags are rampantly used as packaging materials here and elsewhere”, and needs to be limited through the promotion of alternative packaging materials that are environment-friendly.
The ordinance also points out that plastic bags and polystyrene plastics (styrofoam), being non-biodegradable materials, clog the city’s canals, creek, rivers and other waterways.
The councilors who authored the ordinance said despite serious effort of the city to segregate compostable and recyclable waste materials, these plastics and other similar materials remain in the waste stream.
With the BYOB campaign, the councilors said the city will hopefully be able to reduce its high operating and maintenance costs on waste management.
The city government encourages the use of bayong (woven bags), katsa (cloth bags), paper bags and other natural materials like banana and taro leaves under the BYOB program.
Once implemented, penalties will range from P500, P2,000 and P5,000 for the first, second and third offenses, respectively.—Eva Visperas

Repost from Sunday Punch